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Rafiki Projects for Development and Hostel is located in Leganga, Arusha (Tanzania), founded by Tanzanian and Spanish people. We offer accommodation and short and long term volunteering opportunities in this community to people who are passionate about making a difference.

Our aim is to be a transparent and non-profit organization, so the benefits are destined to the salary of the workers and the maintenance of the facilities.


Why Rafiki Projects & Hostel?

Limited remunerations

Your opinion matters

Since we are a social company we are not focus on the profit, however we believe and we need to have some remuneration to allow us to dedicate ourselves and give the 100% to this project , but always limited and fair for the work we have done, just to allow us to keep going on.

Your ideas, experiences and opinions are very important for us. We are always ready and willing to listen new ideas to improve the projects we are already developing or to create new ones.

Real impact

We look ahead to have a real impact with our programs, making previous studies to be able to know the best way to find solutions to the local problems.

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