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The world  is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May, 2019, we launched a fundraising campaign to be able to provide food and basic supplies to those people who are suffering the most and passing through extremely difficult moments. Rafiki Projects is also supporting our community to prevent the disease. Thanks to the big effort of our donors, the campaign reached 10750€ so we are providing food and basic supplies to 55 families (around 300 people) every two weeks for, at least, 5 months.

The campaign is closed but you still can donate though our Spanish bank account:

Account number: ES12 0081 0195 7500 0151 7159

Account name: Rafiki Projects

Concept: COVID Campaign


Why do we need donations?

Some of the projects we develop need funds. For instance, we could renovate the building that we are using for our social center thanks to a bracellet campaign. Sometimes we sell products (bracellets, pins, etc) and sometimes we design crowdfunding campaigns.

Who manages the money we get for our projects?

The funds raised by volunteers will be always managed by volunteers. No member of the organization will manage the money obtained by campaigns, although we participate in the decisions and we work actively on the projects.

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