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General expenses

   Dowload here a   detailed  explanation of the  General Expenses

Even if you travel to Tanzania as a volunteer or as a tourist, you have to take into account some expenses that somehow limit this kind of trip.

Our accomodation is 12 euro (14$) per day per person and it includes two meals: breakfast and dinner.

Which are the rest of the expenses you have to face? Read carefully the explanations bellow:

Dalai Lama

 Travel insurance



Airport pick-up & Drop-off


We strongly suggest to get a travel insurance. Before coming you should go to your doctor to ask which vaccines you should receive before coming, at least three or four weeks before your trip. Sometimes you may be required to show your yellow fever vaccination certificate in the border or at the point of entry into Zanzibar.


The nearest airport is Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), around 30Km far from our hostel. You can also check Nairobi or Dar es Salaam airports. Ask us for more information.

The tourist visa is 50USD or 50€ but if you come to volunteer to Tanzania once you are here you have to apply for a volunteer visa  valid also for 90 days and that cost $250. It is an Immigration Office (from the Government of Tanzania) requirement.  You can get the Tanzanian visa in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro airports and in the borders.

We can help sending you a taxi to pick you up wherever you are. The fees are:

- From/to Kilimanjaro airport: 16€/17$ (40000tsh).

- From/to Arusha airport: 18€/20$ (45000tsh).

- From/to Arusha town: 12€/13$ (30000tsh).

Please, ask us for more information, we can help you to design your itinerary.

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