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Social and sanitary projects: Usa River Community Learning Center

In the beginning of 2019 we had the idea of creating a place of sharing knowledge and experience between locals. We wanted to set up a Social Center located at Mji Mwema (Usa River). In summer, 2019, we finally inaugurated the Center and is now having very good results. The aim was to establish a place of reference where skills and knowledge are shared, and all for free. The neighbors who are interested in the project receive education (English, to sew, to cook, sexual education, health, etc.) from local teachers that don´t receive any money for this service but, at the same time, these teachers can receive education in other areas for free. It´s called a “bank of time”.

We hope the project would have a long life and we would work to ensure the objectives of sustainability and self-management.


Volunteers help in the design of the different courses and to organize the timetable.


Local clínics and hospitals

The profile needed are students or professionals related with health studies.

The volunteer has to send us some kind of certification (university registration certificate, work contract or so on) which can prove that he/she is developing an activity related with the health field.


Depending on the experience and the own trial of those responsible for the clinic, the volunteer may perform the work independently or under the supervision of a professional of the center. 


For volunteer work in hospitals, a payment of $150 per month is required from the local Government.

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